-Your health is important to us-

Due to our natural and generous infrastructure, the spacious restaurant, sun terrace and our hygiene concept, our house offers ideal conditions for relaxation and tranquility - even in unusual times.

Please adhere to the rules of conduct.


With your care you protect yourself and our employees.

  • Please understand that we greet you without physical contact

  • Our employees give you a smile behind the mask

  • Several devices for hand disinfection are available in the house for you.

  • You will find your room 100% thoroughly and intensively cleaned upon arrival.

  • The room keys are disinfected before arrival, we ask you to carry them with you during your stay

  • Please only use the elevator with people traveling together

  • We regularly disinfect handrails, door handles, toilets, lifts, etc. in public areas.

  • The swimming pool may be used from a distance.

  • The sauna can be used by 2 people from the same household.

  • Massage and cosmetics are possible at Bianca by appointment

  • During your stay you will have a fixed table in the restaurant that we will assign to you.

  • We ask you to wear protective masks in our house for our and your safety. Please also at the breakfast buffet up to the table.

  • Please keep your distance to the breakfast buffet, each guest has his own set of cutlery to take the food at the table.

  • You have to take all the products you touch at the buffet

  • We only ask you to use the toilets in the room for reasons of hygiene.

  • You will find additional garbage bags in the wardrobe for disposing of household waste such as masks and handkerchiefs. (please close the bag)

Thank you for taking part!

We wish you - WITH DISTANCE - a nice vacation

in the Waldhotel Willingen

Virnich family and employees

Important addresses and telephone numbers:

Group practice Willingen , Drs. Bender, Flake, Woywod

Neuer Weg 7, 34508 Willingen - 05632 6576

Upland pharmacy Neuer Weg 7, Willingen - 05632 69344

Berg Apotheke Bergstrasse 1, 34508 Willingen - 05632 6699

Health Service Am Kniep 50, 34497 Korbach - 05631 954462